We’re in business to save our home planet

The possible reimagined

Our Story.

We’re in business to save our home planet, by enabling affordable clean energy access to resource-constrained households and businesses in developing nations.

We Question Assumptions and Think Deeply about how to unlock clean cooking and energy for the Next Billion while giving our customers the most compelling experience possible.

We’re fixated upon being the world’s most loved, most efficient, and most profitable energy access company.

At Lipa Gas ® we work on things that matter.

The best people and the best technologies take on the toughest challenges.

We’re a software company enabling energy access for families and businesses with low or seasonally variable incomes to purchase energy as little as US$0.10 worth each day.

Our value is in data, we craft using data-driven insights to guide our work, leveraging the data in marketing science, customer analytics, operations & planning analytics, and risk analytics.

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Local pilot, global pivot

We’re a team of engineers who are excited about solving the impossible. We’re cutting out the middleman, and getting the clean energy – directly into the hands of consumers…

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