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Local pilot, Global pivot

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” So said US President, Theodore Roosevelt. And we love this. Because at Lipa Gas ®, we dream big but have the practical, real-world, dare we say down-to-Earth pragmatism to make our IoT energy metering technologies work anywhere in the World 🌍.

How we create the perfect IoT solutions.

1. With expert input from our experienced IoT engineering professionals and business analysts we calculate cost, benefits, and timelines for business cases.

2. Together with our potential end clients, our field application engineers define, design, and stress test how the IoT energy metering devices should work.

3. Now the ‘fun’ begins as the prototype is deployed and tested. Providing real-world learnings, both good and maybe not so good.

4. Based on all the learnings, insights, and analysis, the prototype design is further refined and ready for final production and deployment.

5. The first batch of devices come off at our partner production line. Both exciting and nerve-wracking.

6. This is where it really gets real. As the devices are released into space or across the globe, Mission Control software allows us to manage every aspect of the deployment of our IoT devices. Then time to relax as the data flows in.


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We’re in business to save our home planet

Residential biomass combustion generates 25% of global emissions of black carbon (BC), the dark component of particulate matter and a short-lived pollutant that has strong visible light absorption properties. BC is estimated to have the second-largest radiative forcing following only CO2.

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