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Smart Factories

With our sensors and connectivity, we make it possible to monitor production equipment in real time. This enables new approaches to maintenance that can be far more...

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Smart EMS

Chimera IoT Energy Management Service enables efficient use of energy in factories through energy safety management, energy quality management, energy usage management and analysis data of...

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IoT Smart Parking

The number of vehicles on the road is rapidly outpacing the supply of available parking spots. Parking has become a widespread issue in urban development. This...

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IoT Connectivity for Businesses

The future of business is IoT – and in order to obtain reliable results, you need a reliable IoT connectivity option that works for your business’...

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Smart Gas, Water and Electricity

We enable smart utility services where energy, gas and water use is being monitored and proactively managed for increased profits, waste reduction, conservation, and sustainability goals.  

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Smart Offices and Retail

There are many ways in which the retail industry can use IoT technology. Chimera IoT offers smart sensors that can be used to monitor customer satisfaction, provide...

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